How To Build a Sales Funnel for Free with GrooveFunnels?

Creating a sales funnel is not that hard but building it for less budget or say free of cost is breathtaking work. In this article, you will learn how to build a sales funnel for free with GrooveFunnels.

Although there are many platforms for creating an attractive funnel. But they are too expensive for a beginner. Groovefunnels on the other hand saves a lot of money.

Build a Sales Funnel for Free with GrooveFunnels

What is exactly a Sales Funnel?  

Sales Funnel is an interconnection of many web pages. Funnel is an online marketing tactic used by digital marketers to convert audiences into customers.

Let’s take an example of a simple Sales Funnel. Suppose you have an eCommerce store, you advertise on Facebook and 50 people visit your store through advertisement. Out of which 20 people explore your product but only 5 people buy your targeted product.

Initially, the potential customers knew barely about your product but finally at the last step of the funnel not only they knew about it but also purchased your product.

Since the number of interested people drops down at each succeeding level making a shape of Funnel and hence named so.

Sales Funnel works in four stages

stages of a sales funnel

1. Stage of awareness or discovery

Do not directly show your product to the targeted audience. First, create awareness, for example, if you want to sell hair oil your first question should be like “Why is most premature hair loss observed in the age of 30s?”

2. Stage of Interest

Now few people will click on your ad that will redirect them to your website. This is the stage when your future customers have known about your brand or products. Now they will look at how your product is helpful for them.

3. Decision-Making Stage

This is when the interested audience has got all the knowledge about the problem and its solution. But here the audience is looking for the reason to go with your brand or to choose your competitor. So, small offers like 50% off in 1st order or free delivery can make your targeted audience move on to the next and final stage of Funnel.

4. Action-taking stage

This is the stage where most of your targeted audience gets converted into your valuable customers by purchasing your products or services.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a new and cheapest funnel builder in the market designed as a marketing tool for building landing pages of websites and selling products or services via funnel creation.

CEO of GrooveFunnels is Mike Filsaime who launched it officially in the year 2020. From then it has created a wide user base in the marketing world.

How to Create a Free Sales Funnel using GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnel is offering services worth $99 for free and also for a lifetime. Only for those who register themselves before this deal expires. After a few months, they may start charging their new members.

But those who join before the end of this offer, they won’t be charged for basic services that are being provided.

Step 1: Register/Sign Up in GrooveFunnels

groovefunnels signup

When you sign up you are enrolled for free without asking for any credit card details. Important promotional tools will be available to you free of cost for a lifetime.

After signing up you will see multiple offers, if you are not interested in those deals simply scroll the page down and click on skip offer.

Step 2: Click on GroovePages GrooveFunnels on Dashboard

Groovefunnels groovepages

It allows you to add 3 sites in the free version. If you want to add more sites then you have to update your plan.

Step 3: Click on New Site Button

Groovefunnels create new site

After clicking on the ‘New Site’ button now you will get to see many categories and tags. Options like creating single or multiple pages are available.

Step 4: Click on the funnels available in the top

Groovefunnels funnel templates

Since we are guiding to create a sales funnel using GrooveFunnels so select the Sales Funnels tag.

sales funnel tag

Step 5: Customize your template

Groovefunnels Customize your template

You can create your template or customize the existing template by drag and drop. Customization features are available on left- and right-hand sides of the screen. Create a catchy and attention-seeking landing page.

Pro Tip: If you have used WordPress before then customizing the template would be a piece of cake for you.

Step 6: Publish your Template for Funnel

sales funnel publish via groovefunnels

After publishing, it will go live on your site.

Focus point: Make sure you have connected your domain from GrooveFunnel. You can connect a maximum of 3 domains. You can add your domain by clicking on your account icon and then to my account. There will be an option called Domains. Then follow the next steps as instructed there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions and their answers related to GrooveFunnels.

What are the tools that are offered in the Free plan of GrooveFunnels?

In free programs, GrooveFunnels offer three major services or tools: Groovesell, GroovePages and Groove Affiliate

How long does GrooveFunnels free trial last?

A free trial of GrooveFunnels is offered for a lifetime.

Do I need to enter my credit card details for a free GrooveFunnels trial?

No. You don’t need to enter your bank or credit/debit card details while registering for a free trial of GrooveFunnels. You would only need to enter these details if you purchase their paid plans.

Why choose GrooveFunnels?

If you go for alternatives of GrooveFunnels, you will have to use multiple platforms or tools for different features, and that too for a very high cost. But in GrooveFunnels you will get all features in a single place and are available cheaper than its alternatives like ClickFunnels, SamCart, Shopify, and others.

Conclusion: How To Create A Sales Funnel For Free With Groovefunnels

So, we saw how easy it is to create a sales funnel using Groovefunnels’ platform.

Currently, GrooveFunnels is in beta mode which means it is still in development mode. So, rarely you might face bugs. 

Soon after the beta period, the Team of GrooveFunnels has already announced that the pricing is going to be increased, and also the free plan may get more limitations.

So, grab the offer before it ends. If you have any queries related to GrooveFunnels feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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