Funnelytics Review 2022: How Effective Is This Funnel Mapping Software?

If you are someone who is unaware of the funnel mapping software and its usages then you might want to know in detail about it. Especially if you are a marketer then this Funnelytics Review is a must-read for you that is surely going to help.

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most famous funnel mapping software that is Funnelytics.

It will consist of elaboration about its features, plans, pricing, effectiveness, and usability.

funnelytics review

What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is a funnel mapping software tool that helps marketers tracking the traffic and managing the funnel. It was founded in 2018 by Mikael Dia with the purpose of bringing effectiveness and ease in the process of marketing and analytics of the site. 

funnelytics landing page

This tool is specially created to help marketing professionals to track their sales and business process. With the tool, it is easier to check the effect of their digital marketing strategies and how efficiently it is impacting their business and sales.

It plans and maps the funnel. The software also tracks the current execution of the funnel after which it optimizes it to get better performance and higher sales. 

Funnelytics Review of Features

1. Drag and Drop Funnel Builder

One of the key features of Funnelytics is its drag and drop feature. You can avail the use of this feature in any of its plans.

Drag and Drop Funnel Builder

It is available for both starter and pro pan users. This feature makes the building easier than ever. with just a few clicks you can build the page as per your imagination and ideas. 

2. Vault

Every pro user of Funnelytic’s plan has access to its vault at the cost of $47. The access is for life and would not be charged again for its use.

funnelytics vault

This perk cannot be experienced by a user who has subscribed to its starter plan. You can find many new additions to its funnels in every short interval of time. 

3. Tracking 

You can keep a track of the revenue generated with different products. The process to achieve it is simple and can be done with a few steps. You will get a record of your email, revenue, visitors, and sales. 

4. Analyzing User Flow and Engagement

The analyze feature helps you understand the source from where you are getting your leads. This feature is only available at the pro plan and cannot be used by the starter plan users.

Analyzing User Flow and Engagement

With this feature, you can easily understand which source or path you need to focus more on by checking the pattern and ultimately increase your sales. 

Plans & Pricing

Funnelytics does not have many plans and is limited to pricing offers. The first one is a starter plan and the other one is a pro plan. 

Starter Plan – Free

The basic plan of Funnelytics is the Starter plan. This plan is free of cost and does not cost its user anything. There are many features of this plan but vary intensely with its other plan. 

The key feature of this plan is the Funnelytics known for, the mapping funnel feature. 

Along with this, you are provided 10 funnels, PDF, or PNG exports to the site without much struggle. The drag and drop feature is available in both the plans of Funnleytics which is quite popular among its users because of its ease. 

You are also provided with the training videos which is a plus because many times new users face difficulties with the technology and process. You get access to email support and many different templates and icons for building the funnel maps. 

Pro Plan

The pro plan of Funnelytics is far too advanced than its starter plan. Its cost starts at $99 per month. But this cost can be decreased if you buy an annual plan with Funnelytics. In case you are buying the annual plan your total charge will be $74 per month. This is quite a deduction in the current pricing. 

You get access to many additional features and facilities in this pricing plan. Unlike the starter plan whose main focus is only on the funnel mapping features, in this plan you get much more than just that. 

The basic features with the starter plan are the mandatory features in this plan as well. You will be able to experience all those features in this plan and get to have some additional advanced features to make your mapping easier and more effective. 

In this plan, you can use and customize with the icons your own canvases. You can track the funnel in this plan as well as the email. You also get the Facebook integration which helps a lot in generating new funnels and understanding them. You can also get access to thermal and ad tracking with this plan. 

In this plan, you can also use the live chat support which is not available in the starter plan. They have a very active support team which is commendable and is prioritized by most of the users. Many users are really happy and satisfied with their support system which reverts back in no time and tries to resolve all the issues. 

Pros of Funnelytics

Let’s begin with the benefits of Funnelytics.

Customer support

Customer support is one thing that every user is checking just as curiously as they are checking the plans and features. It is obvious because during the troubles the features won’t help you but the customer support will.

And you have a 100% chance of getting amazing support from the customer support team. 

They are helpful and informative. Their reply is quick and takes no time to revert the messages. There are only good things said about its support system which is a positive trait for any software company because they are known and preferred for their services only. 

More conversion

If you are using Funnelytics then you will see a higher number of conversions. They guide you through every step of marketing and help you in analyzing every one of the decisions that you made for the sales. 

You can get insight into your funnel data and through which platform or source you are making more sales. They will guide you and you can make the required changes accordingly. This helps in increasing the conversion rate. 

30 days money back 

One of the key features that are appreciated by most new users for any tool or software is the money-back scheme. The offer encourages many users to try out their tool and get comfortable with this service. 

You can subscribe to their pro plan and try it for 30 days. But if you do not like their software or service or you are not satisfied with the experience you had while using it you can always get your money back. This means that you won’t be wasting your money instead of trying out something new. 

But the money back is not available for those users who have not even used the service in the span of 30 days. This will disqualify you for the return. For availing of the perk of money back you will actually have to use the service and experience it only after you will be qualified to use the money-back policy. 

Request a demo feature

If you would have thought of trying out their plan you might have also tried their request for a demo feature. In this, they elaborate everything about their plan and functioning which is very insightful and any new user would love this feature. I personally liked it because it was informative and introduced me to the processing and the funnel mapping function. 

Cons of Funnelytics

Funnelytics has some demerits too, however, that won’t bother you much.

Limited plans

One major drawback with Funnleytics is that it has limited plans for its users. It has just two plans which are starter and pro. The starter plan does not have any charges and can be availed free of cost. The other one is a pro plan which has the most features. Though the pro plan has almost all the required features there could still be a little variety in the plan as per the usability. Right now the users are not left with many options. 

Lacks payment processor

In Spite of having the revenue tracking process, Funnelytics still lacks the payment integration which is a bit upsetting. They are still working on many features and functions and it would be wrong to judge them too quickly on anything. 

A little difficult for new users

Even after having the availability of many templates and icons they are immense for new users. It is not simple for them and they still need to use extra tools for building sometimes. 

Funnelytics Customer Reviews: Are They Happy?

funnelytics customer reviews

The above image shows a customer review. In this image, the first review states that the software company has amazing customer support which is a basic necessity for any business or digital marketer.

Another customer says that they had a great experience in marketing proposals and visuals. 

funnelytics customer review 2

The above customer review clearly shows the performance of Funnelytics is satisfactory and they might prefer it over Google analytics. They even liked the tool and the service that they provided. 

funnelytics customer review 3

In this customer review, the user was fine with the free plan but had issues with the premium plan in which they had to suffer from some bugs.

In another review, the user was not satisfied with the analytics feature and performance which is a bit of a turn-off because the key factor of this tool is analytics which is quite clear with its name. 

Though there are very few complaints or issues that users have faced with this mapping software, if some users had problems in the past they must take action and try fixing them. 

Funnelytics Alternatives

Let’s quickly discuss some of the alternatives to compare with Funnelytics.

1. Google Analytics 

Serving the premium service and features of Google, Google Analytics is a cloud-based service that helps you in setting better marketing tactics and increasing sales. This can be deployed on android mobile devices as well. Like Funnleytics it does not have any trial period. 

2. Geru Funnel Planner

Geru funnel planner is perfect for a newbie who has little to no knowledge of funnel mapping. It has features that are simple and easy to understand as well as implement. On the other hand, Funnelytics have a bit of a difficult feature and technology which is not simple for a new user. Some of the time you might even have to use other tools for building. 

3. Heap

Heap is a funnel mapping software in which you can easily check the path of the visitor by understanding the best platform and engagement analyzer. It even helps the users in increasing sales by improvising engagement. They have great chat support as well. 

Who Should Buy Funnelytics?

If you are someone who is a digital marketer who is tired of rejections for their proposals and want to create a more visually beautiful presentation to get more conversions then you must buy its plan. 

You will be able to express your ideas and imagination better with its features. Also, it has tracking features with which you can get a better idea about the funnel mapping and other metrics. 

Though the starter plan does not have many features except the funnel mapping it still provides many things being a free-of-cost plan. But to see more effectiveness in your functioning and performance I would suggest going with the pro plan. All the above-mentioned features are available with it. This is also helpful in funnel analytics obviously. 

Who Should not Buy Funnelytics?

I won’t recommend buying the pro plan of Funnelytics to anyone whose main focus or concern is not funnel mapping. It is because everything in Funnelytics revolves around mapping and analyzing and if you do not require that then it would be a waste of money for you. 

If your team is already done with the generation, tracking, or optimization functions then there is no use for you in it. The software is also not a fit for anyone who is not well versed with the technology because it can be a bit too much for a new user. 

The creation and generation through this are difficult and require in-depth knowledge. You will ultimately have to use other tools. Also if your digital marketing team is working with other tracking tools for analyzing the report and reviews then you can skip Funnelytics entirely.  

Funnelytics Review Summary: Do I recommend this funnel mapping tool?

Yes for sure.

After reading through the entire article you might have made your mind about buying or not buying the plan by Funnleytics. Well, that is entirely your decision and depends on your needs but here is my thought about it. 

Funnelytics is a worthy software that gives in-depth data about your sales funnel and helps you to work in the right direction. I would say it is definitely worth a try. You can always try out its starter plan first, experience it, and if a satisfying switch to its pro plan. It has made the mapping funnel a cakewalk and all your ideas are at your fingertips just a click away. 

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