OptimizePress Review 2022: Why It Is The Best Landing Page Builder?

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It is one of the best WordPress plugins and is used to create professional and attractive landing pages, sales funnels, membership websites, sales pages, event pages, online courses, and more. 

optimizepress review

If in hurry, you can quickly read our bottom line and take the decision.

OptimizePress comes with many beautiful pre-made templates, and they make the task of building pages and websites simpler. It helps you convert your website into a money-making machine.

The price starts at just $17 per month, you can use it on up to 20 websites. For a single site, get it just for $99

We recommend it for all affiliate and eCommerce websites.

You can easily customize every layout with the use of a user-friendly drag and drop visual editor.


Let us now move ahead with our detailed OptimizePress review.

WordPress has many plugins to create landing pages; however, most of these plugins offer simple solutions.

OptimizePress, on the other hand, comes with a host of marketing tools that allow you to convert visitors into subscribers and take the help of these genuine subscribers to increase sales.  

The sales of any website begin with landing pages. A good landing page is the one that attracts the visitors and makes them your permanent subscriber. You can easily create and modify subscription forms using OptimizePress’s drag and drop visual builder ‘OptimizeBuilder‘. 

One can indeed create landing pages from scratch. However, OptimizePress provides more than 40 landing page templates to choose from to its users.

There are templates for webinars, businesses, eBooks, affiliate landing pages, and more. All these templates are responsive and are mobile-optimized too. 

Sales Pages, on the other hand, help in converting visitors into buyers. OptimizePress has many sales templates that you can choose from and boosts your sales. 

It has many tools to encourage visitors to sign up, including countdown timers, progress bars, videos, and more.

Key Features of OptimizePress

Features of OptimizePress

Below are the fantastic features of OptimizePress:

1. Landing Pages

A landing page in digital terms is known as a standalone web page created for an advertising or marketing campaign. It is an attractive page where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in ads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, or in an email. 

Landing pages are slightly different from other web pages as they are specifically designed to keep in mind a single goal known as a call to action (CTA). 

OptimizePress Landing Pages

Making a landing page increases the visitors and conversation rates of your marketing campaigns. 

Types of Landing Pages

There are two types of landing pages:

1. Lead-Generation Pages: These use a form as their CTA (call to action). This landing page in a website is used to collect leads, like the name, email address, and contact of visitors. 

Companies use this landing page so that they can have a complete list of prospective customers. 

2. Click through Landing Pages: These types of landing pages are usually used by e-commerce marketers and have a simple button as the CTA, i.e. call to action. The action button sends the visitor to a checkout place, like the app store. 

Why Choose OptimizePress for Landing Pages:

OptimizePress is easy, quick, and convenient to create landing pages, webinar registration pages, opt-in pages, and much more. 

  • All of their templates are unique and offer great speed and better SEO rankings. 
  • OptimizePress comes with fully optimized, simple opt-in forms that help in converting your visitors into email subscribers. Also, it is pretty easy to customize the design and colors of the form with OptimizePress. 
  • It is easy to send you leads to the email marketing service with OptimizePress. With the easy-to-use integrations, you just need to select the email marketing service, then click on connect, and you can send your new leads directly to your list. 
  • You can choose from over 40 optimized landing page templates for conversion. The best thing about this plugin is that all the templates are customizable and work fast. 
  • The templates provided by OptimizePress are mobile responsive. They ensure your website looks great on mobile, too, to convert more smartphone visitors to customers and subscribers. 
  • OptimizePress has GDPR ready features, and this further helps you collect consent and store this in your email marketing service. GDPR Ready Features.

2. Sales Page

A sales page is designed with just one purpose in mind: to convert visitors to customers. Thus, this page needs to be highly attractive, engaging, and convincing to make sure that the visitors buy something or avail of some services. 

OptimizePress Sales Page

Why Choose OptimizePress for Sales Page:

  • They have a host of sales pages that gives you a chance to choose a design that suits your needs and requirements. You can also create a sales page from scratch. 
  • Today, it is very crucial that your website is mobile optimized as over 50 percent of users come from mobile. OptimizePress makes sure your sales page looks great on desktop and mobile so that maximum conversion is there. 
  • The feature of OptimizeBuilder makes it easy for users to edit their pages quickly and easily. You can edit fonts, sizes, text, colors, and much more with one click of the mouse.
  • You can easily add countdown timers, progress bars, videos, feature blocks, and many more features to boost your conversions. 

3. Marketing Funnels

A marketing funnel is described as a visual representation of the steps that a visitor takes when he/she finds about your brand. 

The five steps of the marketing funnel include awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. 

What is the Use of Marketing Funnels?

Marketing funnels help a lot in providing access to data that allows you to see where you are losing customers.

They also help in making revisions in an existing strategy and also in developing new strategies.

Using a marketing funnel, you can predict the volume as it shows how many visitors move to the further stages. A marketing funnel can help identify business problem areas. 

How to Create a Marketing Funnel with OptimizePress?

Step 1: First of all, you need to choose the funnel you wish to use. If you want to build your list fast, you can use landing pages and use them to offer a free gift to your prospects. This is done to collect the name and emails of the visitors. 

Step 2: The next thing that you need to do is choose beautiful, engaging, and conversion-optimized funnel styles. The templates and elements of OptimizePress are perfect, so you can choose any amongst them as per your needs and requirements. 

Step 3: Then, all you need to do is use niche funnel branding that fits your niche and business. Each of the niches in OptimizePress is customized properly with color schemes, styling, and images. Select your niche funnel branding.

Step 4: You can use OptimizeLightning Builder to create beautiful landing pages, funnel pages, and sales pages. 

Step 5: When you are happy with the look of your funnel, you can finally launch it. Make your pages live and then share links with your friends, family, social network, and your customers, too and watch your conversions increase manifolds. Launch your funnel and start generating leads & sales.

4. Checkout & Payments Plugin

OptimizeCheckouts is the ultimate WordPress Checkout plugin as it has been designed with easy Stripe integration, customizable checkout forms, and excellent checkout optimization features. 

OptimizePress checkout and payments

The plugin works well with the rest of the product suite of OptimizePress, so you can increase your sales flow to your funnels with a click quickly. 

Features of Optimize Checkout:

  • It can be easily connected with your Stripe payment gateway. 
  • You don’t need to struggle to create a beautiful checkout page as OptimizePress comes with many designs. 
  • The checkout forms of OptimizePress are fully customizable, and they make sure that the designs result in maximum conversions. You can easily customize the form fields to boost your conversions. 
  • Upsells are the best way to increase the average order value of your business. You can easily add an end number of follow-up offers after the buyer has completed their checkout with OptimizePress Plugin. 

Pros and Cons of OptimizePress

Our reviews are incomplete without discussing the merits and demerits of the products. Let us have a look at them for a better understanding of OptimizePress.

The pros of using OptimizePress are as follows:

  • It is pocket-friendly and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 
  • It has over 350 templates to create pages easily and quickly. 
  • It is easy to use. 
  • It is integrated with other services and plugins. 
  • It is an excellent tool to create membership sites. 

Cons of Using OptimizePress are as follows:

  • The customer support is not too responsive. 
  • The proprietary save format of the plugin may cause a few issues with other plugins. 
  • It lacks uniqueness and innovation. 

Pricing Review of OptimizePress

OptimizePress Pricing

OptimizePress has three packages, namely:

  1. Essential: It is priced at $99 per year and can be used for one personal site.
  2. Suite: OptimizePress is priced at $17 per month, and if you take a yearly plan, then it will cost you $199. You can use this plugin for 20 websites if a Suite plan has opted. 
  3. Agency Standard: This plan also can be used on up to 20 client sites to build pages and funnels. It costs $399 per year. 

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, of course, you are covered with 30 days money-back guarantee. In case you don’t find OptimizePress the right fit for your needs, ask for a refund.

Conclusion: Review of OptimizePress

OptimizePress is one of the best landing page or checkout page builders that offers multiple solutions to improve conversions.  

Decently priced at just $99 a year, the product sounds a great deal vis-a-vis the features it provides.

It is super easy to use, comes with pre-made templates, drag and drop options, and a plugin that can be installed on WordPress with few clicks.

In case you have doubts or queries about OptimizePress, use our comments section below. We shall answer within 24 hours.

FAQs about OptimizePress

Let us now cover a couple of questions related to OptimizePress.

What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is an affordable solution that is a beginner-friendly drag and drop option to create beautiful landing pages, checkout pages. You can also create funnels to convert visitors into customers.

Is OptimizePress Free?

OptimizePress is not a free page builder. The price starts at $99 a year.

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