CartFlows Review – Is It The Best Funnel Builder?

Are you looking for the best WordPress sales funnel plugin?

To boost your conversions, you need to get rid of the WooCommerce checkout page and implement a sales funnel so your business doesn’t lose money. 

Cartflows is the best effective and easy-to-use sales funnel plugin that increases conversion rates and reduces cart abandonment by enabling you to create perfect and customer-friendly sales funnels. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into the dedicated CartFlows Review.

cartflows review

What is CartFlows?

CartFlows is a WordPress sales funnel plugin that helps you overcome some of the limitations of the WooCommerce plugin. A business should only use CartFlows if they have a high profit margin and are looking to take their Checkout process to the next level. 

cartflows overview

The Cartflows plugin will help you improve your website’s conversion rates by improving the checkout experience. By using this plugin, you will have the best customer experience that you’ve ever had.

 The tool is very easy to use, and it can save you quite a bit of money. With this plugin, you can set up a distraction-free checkout process and increase revenue by adding upsell options and downsell options. 

Advantages of CartFlows

  • Very Easy to Use and Manage
  • Predesigned Templates
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • A/B Split Testing mechanism
  • You can add Order Bumps, Upsells, and Downsells pages
  • Compatible with all other Woocommerce Plugins
  • Works With the Most Popular Page Builders
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Powerful analytics
  • Support for Multiple Payment Gateways
  • A Thank You, Page, After the Competition For The Check Out Process
  • Will Give Your Business A Huge Boost

9 Best Feature of CartFlows

Import Ready-to-Use Sales Funnel Templates 

The great thing about CartFlows is that there are 10 predesigned templates available. 4 of these 10 templates are available in the free version, while the other 6 are only available in the premium version. 

This template can be customized to create your first sales funnel. You may also customize this template by using a website builder such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, or others. 

Cartflows template

If you do not have the premium version of the page builder, you are still able to edit these templates. The imported templates can be rearranged with simple drag and drop. 

You can also delete or create a duplicate copy of a particular step. In order to link a product to the checkout page, you need to click on the edit option under the checkout layout option, and then click “Click to search for a product.” You can either enter the name of your product or choose it from the drop-down list. 

In the premium version, you can also add a coupon option and offer product quantity, both of which are not available in the free version. When you are done configuring the settings, click on the “Update” option at the bottom.

Checkout Pages Convert Well

WooCommerce’s checkout page is not that great and contains a lot of unnecessary information which in most cases leads to cart abandonment. 

With CartFlows, you will find an easy and straightforward checkout process that is completely free of distractions.

Cartflows checkout page

By enhancing the checkout process on your website, you are boosting your company’s earnings and persuading customers to shop from your site. These checkout pages offer fewer distractions and fewer fields. 

Your website will provide reassurances and guarantees for customers to make them feel safe while buying. Additionally, you can remove fields that are not needed for a particular product.


One of the great reasons that CartFlows is one of the best sales funnel plugins for WordPress is that it offers integrations with several WooCommerce plugins, so you can use the plugins from one place.

The sales funnel builder does not require native integration with your favorite tool. All sales and marketing tools are at your fingertips.

CartFlows provides this particular feature, which makes it stand out from most sales funnel builders. Therefore, this feature is extremely useful for those who use a lot of sales and marketing plugins with their WooCommerce website. 

Tracking & Analytics

CartFlows Tracking & Analytics

To improve conversion rates, CartFlows tracks everything and generates detailed analytics on performance and results. You’ll get a detailed view of precisely what you need to improve, and you can fix or improve it accordingly.

Split-Testing using A/B Models

Digital marketers and e-commerce website owners should be very aware of A/B testing and Split Testing. Here, two or more checkout processes are done separately. Both of them have different designs, prices, headlines, and offers.

Cartflows AB Testing

These two models and checkout processes compete with each other and one comes out as a winner.

Based on this model, you can decide which of your checkout processes works best for your website. The one that performs better is the winner, as CartFlows will tell you which of these two is taking the lead

Dynamic Links

Using CartFlows, you can create dynamic links to your website or a link to a custom thank you page where your users will land after completing their purchases. Organizing your checkout page can affect your dynamic linking engine.

Custom Script Support

Both the free and pro versions of this plugin offer this feature. Any custom script that suits your sales funnel can be added. Live chats, customized bots, and other tools can be utilized. You need to select Custom Script and paste your code. 

If you want to include any extra features with the code that you have written all on your own, this is a very useful tool. This unique feature is only available with CartFlow’s sales funnel builder.

Unlimited Upsells / Downsells

Upsells and Downsells offered by CartFlows are extremely important. Upsells are the offers you provide for your users at a discounted price. This usually occurs when you are going to purchase something.

Cartflows upsells feature

Downsells are usually a discounted version of the upsell. This is a technique that is used to increase your revenue and it will make your customers buy more stuff from your website.

Your customers will feel that your product has value, and they will add it to their list on the checkout page as an upsell or down-sell.

Facebook Pixel Integration

CartFlows also supports Facebook pixel tracking. The Facebook Pixel collects data from Facebook to enable you to track conversions from your ads and target a specific audience in the future. 

You can enable this feature by going to the settings, then to the Facebook pixel settings and you will see an option titled “Enable Facebook Pixel Tracking”. All you need to do is enable this option.

Types of Funnels in CartFlows

  • Free Product Funnel
  • Service Funnel
  • Quote Funnel
  • Webinar List Funnel
  • Lead Magnet Funnel
  • Product Launch Funnel
  • Client Application Funnel
  • Live Demo Funnel
  • Sales Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Free List Funnel
  • Affiliate Funnel

Top 8 Benefits of using CartFlows

1. User-friendly interface

CartFlows provides an easy-to-use interface. Even someone from a non-technical background can easily get used to this interface because it is very easy to use. Your customers will also experience an engaging experience with CartFlows.

2. Security

CartFlows offers the highest level of security to protect your personal information. Fraud can be prevented by following industry best practices.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology secures your credit card information, which is stored using AES-256 encryption.

It is impossible to guarantee 100% security of electronic storage. CartFlows complies with PCI-DSS requirements.

3. Compatible with page builders

CartFlows is compatible with many popular page builders which are used by most people. These Page Builders are Elementor, Divi Builder, and You can edit the predesign templates provided by CartFlows. 

If you are using a free version of any of these builders, you can edit the templates as well. This is a great feature because many people use the free version of these web page builders.

4. Optimize conversion rates

CartFlows can map out and track your entire sales process. You don’t have to analyze the critical numbers that are associated with your website. 

This has already been figured out for you by CartFlows. You can calculate your key performance indicators (KPI) with absolute accuracy. 

By using CartFlows, you can get an idea of the performance of each step of your sales funnel, as well as how your customers behave. You can track your profit at each step of the sales climb. This is a huge feature that will help someone to fully analyze and grow their business.

5. Evergreen sales funnel

Business owners and entrepreneurs, including small business owners, face a lot of stressful and time-consuming tasks in planning and preparing for big launches. 

A new feature in the plugin is the ability to integrate an evergreen sales funnel. Instead of launching for every new visitor, this involves several launches. It has all the benefits of a major launch, but it is less stressful. 

The Evergreen funnel is an email sales funnel that is automatically sent to anyone who signs up for your email list. 

There will be a sequence of emails welcoming visitors, providing them with product offers, and displaying testimonials from customers on various items.

6. Put more effort into higher-value activities

Having the ability to automate and test a sales funnel quickly, split testing facility, and continuous sales funnel allows you to focus on more important activities.

Instead of worrying about all of this, you can focus on more important tasks, such as interacting with your audience and creating and advertising new products.

7. Increases the average customer’s order value

Through the CartFlows sales funnel, the sale begins with a price for the item. In the end, it led to people buying more products from your website. 

You can start selling your most popular products even better if you add an additional bump, upsell, downsell, and create a specific funnel for a specific product.

8. Money-Back guarantee

CartFlows offers 30-day money-back guarantees. They will refund the entire amount if you are not satisfied with their service. 

Most funnel builders will charge you something and then refund you the extra amount, but that’s not the case with CartFlows.

CartFlows Payment Processors

CartFlows makes payments easy by accepting payments from the following merchants:

  • iDeal via Mollie
  • Mollie
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Cash on delivery.

CartFlows Pro

Cartflows offers a free version as well as a premium version. With the free version you can build a basic sales funnel page and a thank you page. If you are just looking for this functionality, then the free version will do your job. 

cartflows free vs pro

But if you want an advanced sales funnel, then you should get a premium version of this plugin which comes with order bumps, upsells, downsells, and other business features that will maximize your profit and increase your sales.

How to Build Sales Funnels With WordPress & Cartflows?

Sales funnels are everywhere nowadays. Whether it is a gas station or a restaurant you can see sales funnels everywhere. Here I am going to show you how you can implement a sales funnel into your own website. 

First, you need to have CartFlows installed on your WordPress website. Then you need to go into the product section and select a product that you want to sell through this step-by-step process of a sales funnel. Then you need to click on the option at the top that says “Add New”. 

Afterward, you will need to choose a template from a selection of templates that are designed for different kinds of product sales. This will take a few seconds and after importing the template a window will appear where you can choose the flow of your sales funnel. 

You can see several options like a landing page, checkout page, upsell page, downsell page, and a Thank You page.

You can easily customize each of these steps of the funnel according to your needs and when you are satisfied with the modification, you can hit the OK button and you have your own customized sales funnel.

Disadvantages of CartFlows

  • CartFlows Only Works With WordPress and Woocommerce
  • It Doesn’t Work With Shopify
  • It is not compatible with the Square website builder
  • It is not pocket-friendly

Best Cartflows alternatives

Choosing a CartFlows alternative is not difficult. Based on your needs, any of the below-mentioned 7 Best Cartflows alternatives could work for your business:

  • Thrivecart
  • SamCart 
  • PayKickStart 
  • SendOwl 
  • Kartra 
  • ClickFunnels 
  • GrooveFunnels

In comparison with other alternatives, ThriveCart comes out on top.

As for the best FREE option, GrooveFunnels bundled with GrooveSell and GrooveKart is the best option right now.

Cartflows vs Clickfunnels

The major advantage of CartFlows Pro is that it works with several website building platforms, including Divi, Elements, and Thrive Architect, so it is very flexible.  

The CartFlows offers better value owing to its low annual cost of $299, which is equivalent to roughly $24 per month. On the other hand, ClickFunnels costs $97 a month.

If you want to build sales funnels for your website, consider CartFlows. You should consider ClickFunnels if what you’re looking for is a membership and webinar site that combines everything in one place.

Thrivecart vs Cartflows

You cannot use CartFlows on landing pages, marketing platforms, or funnels if you want to integrate your cart with them.

Additionally, CartFlows have great efficiency for check-out pages because of the flexibility of designing them. With Cartflowas branding and designing anything you like is quite easy (using a builder and its elements).

However, ThriveCart is not as flexible when it comes to designing templates, although it offers a few templates.

 The best use of CartFlow may require additional plugins and extensions, so loading landing pages may take a while or operate irregularly.

Cartflows vs Woofunnels

The one major weakness of Cartflows is that the rules engine to customize the offer and sales after checkout is missing. WooFunnels offers more customizable checkout offers and post-checkout upsells and downsells based on cart contents.


In order to succeed in an online business, you need a perfect funnel. To be successful with a business website, it must be simple, smooth, and elegant at the same time.

By completely reading this CartFlows Review, I hope you are aware enough about the Cartflows funnel builder plugin.

It is important to select your tools wisely, and Cartflows is the epitome of excellence and uniqueness when it comes to website design. It allows you to accomplish your goals by making ideas a reality. Now it’s completely your choice.

FAQs of CartFlows Sales Funnel Builder

Can I integrate CarFlows with Magento or PinnacleCart?

Unfortunately, CarFlows is a WordPress plugin so it only works with WordPress and WooCommerce.

I am not able to see the upgrade to the lifetime option in CartFlows.

It can happen mainly for two reasons. Either your subscription has expired or if you have applied for a refund. Otherwise, you can be easily able to upgrade to the lifetime plan which costs around $299 or $999. 

For whom is CartFlows created?

CartFlows is created for business marketers and business owners who own an online business selling products or services. By using this particular plugin they can create amazing sales funnel pages.

What payment method does CartFlows accept?

CartFlows accepts payments via PayPal, Stripe,, and cash-in shipments for upsells.

Is there a limit on how many funnels may be built in CartFlows?

No, there is no limit on how many sales funnels you can create. You can create as many sales funnels as you want.

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