Helium 10 Review 2022: Don’t Buy Before Reading This

What is Helium 10 and why is it so highly recommended? In this Helium 10 review, we will see how it is a fantastic mix of software that helps sellers on Amazon grow their brand and increase their sales.

Helium 10 allows sellers to gain knowledge on how to sell their product, understand the analytics and even figures out the top-ranking keywords for them. 

helium 10 review

Features of Helium 10

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced seller, Helium 10 is made for you. This is because everyone knows it is the most popular tool. There are plenty of tools in the Helium 10 toolbox.

Let us take a look at the tools that can make your brand a success. 

  • Magnet: Researches the best keywords for your product.
  • Blackbox: Product research tool which gives ideas and helps analyse the competition.
  • Trendster: A tool that analyses a product’s trends, similar to Google Trends. 
  • Cerebro: Powerful keyword research tool with the possibility for a reverse ASIN lookup.
  • Adtomic: An AI-powered Amazon PPC tool. Maximizes the advertising spend for your online store. 
  • Frankenstein: Part of the free plan. Effective keyword builder. 
  • Scribbles: Optimizes the listings for your product. 
  • Index Checker: Checks for keywords Indexed by Amazon and suggests alternatives.
  • Listing Analyzer: Analyses your listing vs your competitors listing.  
  • Keyword Tracker: Keeps a track of the rankings for every keyword. 
  • Misspellinator: Provides and fixes common misspellings. 
  • Listing Analyzer: Analyses and rates your listing. 
  • Audience: Provides instant feedback from users.
  • Alerts: 24×7 protection against ranking hijacking. 
  • Xray: Analyses the competitiveness of your product. 
  • Inventory Protector: A tool for inventory management. Sends alerts when stocks are low. 
  • Inventory Management: Along the lines of inventory protector, it keeps a track of stock.
  • Profits: This tool assists in keeping a track of sales and revenue. 
  • Profitability Calculator: Keeps a track of costs and assists in maximizing profits.
  • Refund Genie: Streamlines the refund process of lost or damaged products. 
  • Follow-Up: Feedback and email management. Sends timely automated emails.
  • ASIN Grabber: Automated ASIN copy paster for faster results.
  • Review Downloader: A review filter that reviews all reviews within minutes to give proper feedback. 
  • Mobile App: Helium 10’s mobile app.
  • Portals: It is a customized landing page. Get in touch with your customers effortlessly with this tool. 
  • Market Tracker: Provides an overview of the brand and business. 

Review of Helium 10 Pricing

While Helium 10  offers a free but very limiting subscription, it also has four other plans to choose from.  

The first plan is the starter plan at $37 per month which is perfect for starters and new entrepreneurs. In that, users get full access to Xray and limited access to the rest of the tools in the Helium 10 software. 

helium 10 pricing

The second plan which is also the most popular plan is the platinum package at $97 per month which gives the user complete access to the entire toolset. Apart from that, it allows for limited uses of the index checker, keyword tracker, Alerts and Follow-up. Most users opt for this package.

The third plan on this list is the Diamond package which costs $197 per month. This allows for complete access to all the tools in the Helium 10 suite. Here, users are granted multi-user login for up to four seller accounts. 

The fourth plan is for organizations requiring custom plans according to their business for which they can get in touch with the company directly. 

The fifth plan is the elite package which costs $397 a month. Here, users are multiple perks such as multi-user login, workshops and seminars apart from a private Facebook group access meant for rockstars who are already generating a lot of business and revenue.

Pros and Cons of Helium 10

helium 10 pros


  • The most comprehensive all-in-one tool available in the market requires no switching between different ecosystems.
  • Has free and premium plans for all types of entrepreneurs.
  • Easy to use and well designed.
  • Very responsive, real-time support.


  • They have no supplier database.
  • It is quite expensive if you want complete access to the software.
  • It has a very steep learning curve. 

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Helium 10

Let’s now discuss some of the reasons to choose Helium 10.

1. Monthly Training with The Best Industry Experts

Helium 10 is for sellers who seek to gain an edge over their competitors in every possible way, from product branding to net profits. Every month, Helium 10 hosts training sessions with the top industry experts. Here, they discuss the best strategies for sellers to catapult their business to glory.

2. Quarterly Workshops

These quarterly workshops are a great way for members to connect and network with each other. Hence, this giving rise to new business opportunities. Since the pandemic has affected the way members can network, Helium 10 has also launched online networking sessions for members to connect. 

3. Private Facebook Group

It is a personal group for Elite members. Here, they help each other grow by discussing the best tactics and hacks to sell their products. What’s more, the members can even interact directly with the founders of Helium 10. 

This group is mainly meant for rockstar sellers who are already professionals at what they do, but anyone with the Elite Plan can join the group.

4. Zoom Network Meetings and Interviews

Zoom Network meetings give way for more opportunities as members network with each other. They give each other advice on how to sell their products in the best possible way. 

They also do this by conducting interviews by asking sellers about their business’ strengths, weaknesses, etc. This way, everyone learns something from each other and everyone wins.

5. First Access to New Tools

Helium 10 keeps updating and launching new tools. Elite users now have access to four seller accounts in addition to other benefits, as well as first access to the latest Helium 10 tools.

Alternatives of Helium 10

There are various alternatives to Helium 10. Let us take a look:

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a top-ranking tool that boasts of aiding 17,000 brands to launch themselves on seller platforms such as Amazon. They have helped create $8 billion in sales. 

Viral launch is mainly used for tracking top-performing products, automate keyword research, automate PPC, track data, insights, and create SEO-friendly listings, etc. 


Sellics, like Helium 10, is a platform that aims to make managing your Amazon FBA business easier. Unlike Helium 10, Sellics is more concerned with asset management and business operations than with extending and growing your company.

This may be advantageous for some firms that do not require additional expansion.

Some of the most prominent tools offered by Sellics are: 

  • PPC Manager: Automation and optimization of campaigns.
  • Review Management: Keeps a track of negative claims and assists in solving them.
  • Profit Dashboard: This tool displays your profit margins. 

Inventory Lab

This software suite is all about keeping track of inventory and managing shipments. It simplifies the data process towards accounting in the end. What’s more, it also helps you explore packing details, sales rank, competitor’s pricing and product categories. 

The top features of Inventory Lab include tracking your sales, profits, profit percentage and ROI percentage. It is accessible from both computer and mobile devices. While Inventory Lab is fantastic software, Helium 10 has an edge over it. 

This is because there are more processes to be done after finishing up with Inventory Lab. This is where Helium 10 comes in. 

Merchant Words

This software is a popular keyword research tool used by many sellers on Amazon. Before Helium 10, this was everyone’s go-to tool since Merchant Words launched in 2012. In comparison, Helium 10 launched in 2015. 

While Merchant Words is a perfect keyword research tool, Helium 10 has an edge over it as it comprises of various other tools which run tests directly against your brand’s competitors. 

Conclusion: Helium 10 Review

The Helium 10 software suite comes packed with the best software tools online sellers could ever ask for. It is a sophisticated all-in-one software where sellers can manage everything from their listing to inventory and net profit under the same roof. 

In our review, we find it a perfect tool worth recommending.

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