Kajabi Review – Is It The Best Course Selling Platform?

If you’re searching for a platform where you can create, market, and sell online courses and memberships there is no better option than Kajabi. 

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional, Kajabi is created to help entrepreneurs build their own status and reputation. Kajabi is a one-stop solution for creating, managing, and marketing online courses and memberships. 

In this Kajabi review, we are going to dig into the Kajabi platform. We’ll show you exactly how it is easy to get started and why it is so popular among digital marketers.

If in hurry, you can quickly read our bottom line and take the decision.

Kajabi is a great platform for digital creators where they can easily create online courses, memberships, and sell physical products. They offer a variety of pre-made templates and built-in email marketing tools for your marketplace.

The Pipeline Builder lets you create an effective sales funnel to drive customer sales. The online Kajabi University is built to help users with exclusive training.


Kajabi Review: Overview

Kajabi is designed as an “all-in-one” knowledge platform for people who want to share and monetize their knowledge online without dealing with tech or separate tools. All that you need to create a marketplace to sell your digital products, online courses, or technical skills at a reasonable price.

kajabi overview

With Kajabi, you can create a professional-looking website within minutes. On your website, you can create a variety of products, add online courses or coaching program memberships. You can set automated emails and also get a bunch of tools to reach potential customers. 

Who is Kajabi Best For? 

Kajabi works best for people who have an education-related or valuable package of online courses/content to sell. Basically, Kajabi is for those who make their living with their expertise, skills, and intellectual property. 

Kajabi is best suited to: 

  • Teachers
  • Authors
  • Consultants 
  • Speaker
  • Digital Marketer 

How Does Kajabi Work?

Kajabi lets you create your website, create products, collect leads, send emails, drive sales, track products, and many other things. At this point, you must get confused about how this works and how you can do it online. 

Once you open the dashboard, you’ll see five options in front of you that’ll lead you to build an eye-catching website. 

  • Website
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Marketing 
  • People

1. Website

The website is the central hub for your online business. This is the place where people can find you and learn about how you can help them.

Here you can find pre-built templates that’ll help you launch your website within a few minutes. You won’t need any coding or designing skills. 

creating website with kajabi

Just pick a template, add your copy and you’re ready to go. The first thing you’ll see on the website tab is that Kajabi has built key pages for your website. You can further design your ad-branding to pages like your courses, login page, and library.

Once you choose a template, you can add text, images, videos, opt-in forms, pricing blocks, blogs, FAQs, and so on. You can also connect your existing domain from the settings. 

2. Products

In this section, you can create your digital products. This is the heart of your website that delivers value to your customers. There are many pre-designed themes to choose from for your products. But if you prefer, you can start from scratch. 

Kajabi products

You can choose what kind of services that you want to sell to your customers. You can add documents, videos, images, thumbnails of your product, and other essential things to create your product.

After creating your online course or product, you can click on preview. It will show you how exactly it will look to your customers. 

3. Sales

Once your digital product is completely ready, it’s time to create an offer. Here you can set details, price, payment options, and any discount or bonuses. All of these elements will play an important role in how your customers are going to perceive your product. 

kajabi sales

4. Marketing 

Here you can manage your ways to reach your audience and how you can encourage them to become your customers. Kajabi includes everything you need to connect with your target audience.

Here you can set automated email campaigns, events, automation, and opt-in forms with pre-built templates.

kajabi marketing

Kajabi has an automated Pipeline feature where you can create landing pages, emails, and automation processes. Once you launch it, your business is essentially an AI that collects leads and makes sales on autopilot. 

5. People

In this section, you can manage your customers, contacts, and affiliates all in one place. You can filter your list, create segments, add tags, and even view the course progress of individuals. 

serving people with kajabi

This tab shows how Kajabi distinguishes itself from other platforms because you have your customer-relationship management on your desk. It will also help you know your customer and how you use those insights to grow your business. 

Once you’ve finished creating your marketplace, you can click on Preview to see how your website will look from a visitor’s perspective. 

Kajabi Features

Here are some of the features of Kajabi I liked most.

Pipelines Funnel Builder 

Kajabi’s funnel builder is known as Pipelines. You can find this section on the Marketing tab. It lets you create complete funnels and work functions for your products and courses. 

kajabi piplines funnel builder

You can build a funnel from scratch or use samples to set workflow for your course or ebook. You won’t get this feature on other similar platforms such as Thinkific, Podia, and Teachable

Pipelines Builder has every feature from product launch to sales funnel all in one place. The Zoom Webinar will help you set a series of emails for email marketing. You can set a free report template for an effective funnel. 

Course Creation

Kajabi lets you create quality content/course creation. You can also create a learning experience and a community where your audience can get to discuss the course. You can create courses such as mini-courses, online courses, and evergreen training. 

kajabi course creation

Kajabi offers you Product Blueprints that just operate like marketing funnels. The blueprints come with a proper structure. You can stepwise follow to include essential categories and content.

You can host your videos through Wistia which is integrated with Kajabi. With Wistia, you can also add text, pdf, and downloads to your courses. 


If you want to bring customers to your website, your front-end must be alluring. Kajabi came up with a variety of options just for this. 

kajabi designing

Kajabi is a self-hosted platform so you won’t have to purchase hosting for the website. You can choose a custom domain from Kajabi. And also get an SSL certificate. 

If you are a Growth or Pro subscriber, you can remove the Kajabi branding from your website. After all this, you can choose a theme that is designed from a framework known as Premier Theme. All the themes come with a clean and minimal design. 

Page Builder 

Once you complete your design, you will reach the Page Builder section. Here you can lay your hands to a visual drag and drop builder that will help you create a page.

Most of the customization can be done with pre-built elements. But you can add your desired images, videos, course list, etc. 

kajabi landing page builder

The pre-build element can be set up with one click. If you’re not fully satisfied with the setup, you can change it further. For mobile users, you can choose templates, customize and add animations. 

Marketing Features 

Kajabi offers a complete marketing solution that focuses on both course creation and selling them. You can set a flexible pricing plan for the course in monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. You can even offer a free trial.

kajabi marketing feature

You can also announce your further projects on your website and let your audience pre-register for early access. You can also create a limited-time or lifetime coupon code that helps you promote your courses. 

Email Marketing 

Kajabi offers more than basic email marketing capabilities. You can set an auto-responder email campaign that guides visitors to your course. You can customize these email campaigns based on the user’s actions.

Each action led them to a different layer of automation until they got satisfactory answers. 

kajabi email marketing

You can tag users for effective marketing. You can also choose from different email templates. The templates are made to give your audience a high-branded and sophisticated experience with no developer needed. 


Kajabi’s analytics primarily focuses on sales, marketing, and affiliate reports. You can track the stats daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also get reports of your overall sales and membership purchases. 

kajabi analytics

With Kajabi Analytics, you can also track your sales made through affiliates. If you want, you can integrate Kajabi with Segment and Google Analytics. This way you can also get visitor activity and traffic reports. 


With Kajabi, you can also create a membership site. You can set a flexible pricing tier for different memberships. You can create one with pre-made elements without any third-party software. Creating a membership site is a great way to get an engaging audience. 

kajabi membership site

Creating a membership site is not different. It is just like course creation. Under the membership site, you can list a bunch of products or offers. You can also add a forum or community where all the members can discuss and get answers to their queries. 

Affiliate Marketing 

This is an exclusive Partner Program that helps you earn passive income through affiliate marketing in addition to any of the products that you are selling. Kajabi offers all of their customers to earn fillet commissions for referring new people to the platform or your products. 

kajabi affiliate program

You can set this affiliate program on the Marketing tab. First, you can add affiliates, select products to promote, set commissions and make affiliate ads. From your dashboard, you can track sales made through affiliates. You can also track stats and unique links of affiliates.  

Note. Kajabi doesn’t have a dedicated page for affiliates where they can upload swipe files or resources for your product promotions. 


Sometimes you want to hold on to the tools that you’re already using and other times you want to use tools that serve different needs out of Kajabi. Kajabi allows third-party integrations that help you make it easier to connect these for the rest of your business. 

kajabi integrations

For email marketing, you can integrate Kajabi with MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, Active Campaign, and Drip. You can also integrate with Zapier that will help you integrate other marketing tools. 

You can integrate with Segment or Google Analytics to track the actions of visitors. And Kajabi is already integrated with PayPal and Stripe to add payment options for your products. 

Customer Support 

Kajabi provides a 24×7 customer support service. If you have queries you can chat live. Most of the problems will be solved with their autoresponder. If not, you can join their live Q&A webinars that are hosted by experts. 

kajabi customer support

You can also join their active community where you can discuss your questions with the members. You will surely get healthy answers and at the same time interact with thousands of members. 

Mobile Application 

One last feature of Kajabi is that they offer a fully functional and professional-grade mobile app that makes it super convenient for your customers to access your product anytime.

kajabi mobile application

Customers can also access the online course that they have purchased from Kajabi membership. It makes it easy for your customers to access your online products and it will have a positive impact on them that will encourage them to buy other products as well. 

Kajabi Pricing

Compared to other alternatives, Kajabi plans are a little bit costly. Good thing they offer some additional features to manage your website that others don’t. There are three pricing tiers available.

kajabi pricing

1. Basic – $149/month & $119/month (when paid annually) 

The basic plan is for beginners or small business owners. In this plan, you’ll get

  • Products – 3
  • Pipelines – 3
  • Contacts – 10,000
  • Active Members – 1,000
  • Website – 1
  • Admin User – 1

2. Growth: The growth plan helps businesses that are growing on a better scale. In this plan, you’ll get

  • Products – 15
  • Pipelines – 15
  • Contacts – 25,000
  • Active Members – 10,000
  • Website – 1
  • Admin User – 10
  • Advanced Automation
  • Ability to remove branding 
  • Affiliate Program

3. Pro: The pro plan is for winners. It includes advanced features that help you get rapid success. In this plan, you’ll get

  • Products – 100
  • Pipelines – 100
  • Contacts – 100,000
  • Active Members – 20,000
  • Website – 3
  • Admin User – 25
  • Advanced Automation
  • Ability to remove branding 
  • Affiliate Program
  • Code Editor

Each plan comes with a 14-day Free Trial. If you’re a new user, you can choose a plan and start your free trial with your credit card details. Make sure to cancel your free trial subscription within 14-days. 

You can get access to Free Guide just with your email address. The guide will show you how you can create mini-courses and launch your online business with Kajabi within 30 days. 

build mini course with kajabi

Pros & Cons

Here are the things what I like & dislike about Kajabi.


  • Kajabi has tons of pre-made templates that will organize your website at every step. 
  • Kajabi Pipeline works similarly to ClickFunnels. It helps create landing pages, email campaigns, and other automation processes. 
  • It allows third-party integrations that will fulfill your other marketing and sales-related needs.
  • The user experience is pretty intuitive and the system is well organized. 
  • Kajabi University (AKA Hero University) offers online training and a community to support its users. 
  • Kajabi’s Partner Program and Affiliate Marketing give you an opportunity to earn up to 30% commission. 
  • It offers 24×7 customer support that helps you resolve your problem instantly. 
  • They offer a 14-day free trial. You can choose any plan for the free trial. 


  • The prices are a little bit higher than other platforms. 
  • To offer a course completion certificate, you’ll need third-party platforms. 

Is Kajabi Worth the Money?

As the term specified “All-in-One” platform, Kajabi definitely lives up to the mark. With one Kajabi subscription, you get hands-on premium services that you won’t get anywhere. If you compare it to others, the prices might look a bit high but you’ll also get extra functions and features. 

No other platform offers an in-built sales funnel builder but you’ll get that with Kajabi eventually. There are no hidden costs since they are straightforward with their plans and what services you’ll get.

If you chose to go with other platforms, you might have to pay an extra $180-$800 for additional third-party services. So in our opinion, Kajabi is worth the money. 

Why should You choose Kajabi?

Kajabi offers an efficient way to brand your course and intellectual property. It gives you an opportunity to earn on a high scale with your own marketplace.

Within this platform, you can create unlimited landing pages and marketing emails which is worth the money. And you don’t have to have to look for a third-party website builder.

With Kajabi, you will get ready to use templates that will help you build your website without any coding knowledge or designing skills. Their advanced automation tools do most of the work for you.

The tracking tools help you track your sales and even your visitors. You’ll get all these precious services in one place.

So it is worth a shot choosing Kajabi. 

Final Verdict

We hope our Kajabi review suits your purpose well. If you’re a solo expert looking to build your business through online courses and intellectual property, there’s no better match to Kajabi. From creating your website to marketing your course, Kajabi will help you with every step. 

You don’t have to be very skillful to build your website. All you have to do is to go with the flow. Most of the things will get wrapped within one click. On top of that, you get an engaging community, 24×7 live chat support, and live webinars that will solve any problem. 

You can start your campaign with the free trial that comes with every plan. If things go right, you can continue to go with the plan. If not, you can cancel the plan within 14-days. But trust us, Kajabi will help you create an established business workplace. 

Kajabi FAQs

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a one-stop hub to sell online courses, skills, and products. It allows you to create your own marketplace and jump-start your business by creating and selling products. 

Is Kajabi Legit?

Kajabi is not just an ordinary platform where you can sell products or courses. It is also a decent website builder that allows you to create sales funnels and landing pages. Kajabi is a quick way to gather audiences and grow an effective business.

Kajabi vs Thinkific: which is better?

Kajabi lets users create individual content or add courses to quickly sell online. Thinkific is for those who are serious about growing business through online courses and products. Thinkific also offers its services at a lower price with higher value. 

Who is the founder of Kajabi?

Kenny Rueter is the founder of Kajabi. The industry-leading online business platform Kajabi was founded in 2010. 

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