8 Awesome Tips to Market and Grow Your Blog Quickly

Are you worried about the growth of your blog? Despite all the efforts, the blog is not getting visitors?

Don’t worry, This happens with all new bloggers. 

But, another fact is that we all start from zero, but the pace of growth for every blog is different. While few see a rocket growth in blog traffic, most of us struggle to touch even ten a day.

The only difference is the adoption of strategy, execution, and efforts.

We will share a few great tips that can help you grow your visitors rapidly and make them coming back.

tips to grow blog

#1. Create Free Tools

Your audience search for tools like – URL Analyzer or maybe a script to automate some tasks. You will see a huge search for calories counter, BMI calculator, pdf to word or word to pdf, image editors, and various other free tools.

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Providing a useful tool free of cost could be one great idea.

Ever heard of websites like Codecanyon? If you are not a developer, you don’t need to worry, you can quickly buy the tools for commercial use from this website. Starting cost is just $5.

Search the tools as per your niche on these kinds of websites and provide them free of cost on your blog.

#2. Pick Latest Topics

Hunting for new topics that have got potential to go viral is one big task that can be a game changer for every new blogger.

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Start micro niche blogs around these topics and drive the audience back to the main blog. Or, maybe create a post around these topics, as the available contents on this topic will be new, you will have a better chance to rank.

You can check the latest searches on tools like – Google Trends.

Visit this now and find the topics around your niche to include them in your next blog post.

#3. Ensure the Content is SEO Optimized

Well, this is no brainer. We create lengthy content but either the content is not keyword optimized or there is a problem with some SEO basics.

Please ensure you use SEO plugin like RankMath or Yoast as they will help as checklist for a perfect SEO content.

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Few Tips – 

  1. Ensure proper SEO title and Meta description
  2. Short paragraphs with proper H1, H2, H3, etc
  3. All images with Alt Text 
  4. Use long-tail keywords and LSI keywords in your content

When the content is ready, you should focus on link building and other factors like user experience, website speed, and site structure.

#4. Use Social Media [Pinterest, Quora, Facebook and Twitter]

When you content is ready, you need to put a lot of energy into promoting it.

While we optimize it for search engines, there is no guarantee that your page will rank. It might take even longer than expected time and that’s pretty normal.

Promote it on platforms like Pinterest which is a great search engine itself.

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How about answering the related questions on Quora?

Yes, there are blogs that get over 100 daily traffic from Quora itself. Just don’t miss this strategy.

Facebook and Twitter is another most talked about strategy where you need to publish the content regularly.

Looking for more?

Platforms like Medium.com and Vocal.media are also great platforms as they have a huge audience itself.

Just write engaging content with a link to your site and you might get some extra visitors.

#5. Shout for Shout, Create a Network

This idea works really well for new bloggers and is used by many pro bloggers as well. You will find Neil Patel talking about Brian Dean. 

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This is a kind of audience sharing. Start building a network of like minded bloggers. Cross promote each other on various social platforms.

With this kind of approach, you get the best audience along with the support of other bloggers.

Blogging today is all about networking. You cannot grow in isolation.

#6. Leverage Email Marketing

This tool is helpful when you start getting some traffic or you are planning to launch advertising campaigns.

I’ll suggest you to start building email list from day one. Who so ever are the visitors, just request them to subscribe to your newsletter. 

Pro Tip – Create some content, giveaways, or e-books for collecting emails quickly.

Use email marketing tools like Convertkit and send regular newsletters to your subscribers.

This will help you bring them again and again on your site and finally a loyal audience.

#7. Create Shareable Infographics

Your visitors will share the images that are informative.

Engaging and informative images in the form of Infographic push your audience to share them over chat messengers, social media, and email.

While entire content might not be useful to them, they might get attracted to a particular image and if that is worth sharing, you will get a huge traffic in the time to come.

What else?

The same graphic if it is a research based or a study based content, you might get some backlinks too from fellow blogger quoting your site and referring the data there.

#8. Launch Quizzes and Competitions for better Engagement

Last but not the least.

This amazing method has helped many bloggers either it’s YouTube subscribers, building the email list or getting social shares.

Most of us like to participate in quizzes and competitions, sometimes it is for the prize and many a times it is just for recognition.

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Competitions and quizzes are most of the time conversation starter and build the recall value of your site.

Participants ensure to check back the site periodically in excitement of the result.

The only tip here is that you need to be honest about the outcome. Else it could have a flip side too.

Why this works like a charm?

It is proven that if the contest is exciting, your audience will not only participate but will share too. They will share it with their family members, office colleagues, and friends too.

Final Words

These are some of the tips we have shared considering the cost factor in mind. 

While paid promotion is one of the best techniques to get instant targeted traffic, it is not every time feasible.

In fact, not everyone can afford it initially.

Using the tips above will help you grow your blog quickly for sure and that too for free.

What you need to ensure?

  • Be as creative as you can
  • Be consistent
  • Focus on quality over the quantity, and finally
  • Always create different, useful, and better content

The content helps you build a loyal audience and ensures a critical performance parameter like ‘time on page’ as per Google Analytics.

And remember, higher the time on page, higher is the engagement rate of the post. So, If your content is just a regular piece of work, your audience might not return to your blog.

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