GrooveFunnels Review 2021: Is It The Best Sales Funnel Builder?

In this GrooveFunnels Review, I will cover all the aspects ranging from product history to current plans, pricing, features, etc. of GrooveFunnels.

The best bet is to go and try it out for yourself as they have a free base plan for any new customer.

I will try to give you personal feedback since I used GrooveFunnels extensively for research.

GrooveFunnels is an excellent tool that is not only a regular funnel builder but with its powerful 20+ apps, We found it an all-in-one marketing tool.

The best part is the free version that doesn’t need any credit card and gives access to many useful apps that are launched already. With GrooveFunnels’ lifetime deal, you get access to the entire product suite for a lifetime at no recurring cost.

groovefunnels review

What is GrooveFunnels?

The parent company, GrooveDigital claims that GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one solution to sell your products or services online.

A sales funnel software with over 20 applications, GrooveFunnels is the best ClickFunnels alternative and provides the best of multiple marketing products like Shopify, Samkart, ActiveCampaign. You will find all of them packed into one.

With the integration of multiple powerful sets of tools at your disposal, you can fine-tune your sales funnel to reach a vast and wide demographic or only interact with prospect customers, it is totally up to you.

The base free plan gives you access without linking any kind of payment information keep in mind it is currently in the BETA stage but still a fantastic chance to try before you buy, but it has limited features.

If you head over to their website right now you can avail of a crazy discount on their lifetime membership by paying a one-time amount of $1397 or opt for monthly installments and pay $497 per installment.

The Brains Behind The Operation

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Mike Filsaime, CEO

A marketeer by profession but coder by heart, he is also an in-demand digital marketing consultant, a speaker, and an author. He was involved in launching a lot of big businesses some famous examples are- Kartra, WebinarJam, EverWebinar to name a few.

John Cornetta, President

CEO of GrooveDigital, John has established himself as an e-commerce expert in the market, also a software developer by profession and specializes in e-commerce and traffic generation.

Matt Serralta, COO

Based out of Florida, US. Matt is a co-founder at GrooveDigital and serves as a chief operating officer (COO) to GrooveFunnels.

Matt has more than a decade worth of experience in high-level marketing management and the field of e-commerce.

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Donna Fox, CMO

Based out of San Diego, California. Donna is a veteran marketing leader and serves as the Chief of Marketing at GrooveDigital specializes in Team building and Management, Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, and Marketing Strategy to name a few.

Joe Jablonski, VP (Business Development)

Holding more than a decade worth of experience Joe is an expert in affiliate relationships and plays a crucial role in business development and serves as vice president of business development at GrooveDigital.

Anuroop Pillalamarri, CTO

An expert in building plugins, SAAS applications, and all things software-related, Anuroop holds 8 years of experience in software development and serves in the position of the chief technical officer at GrooveFunnels.

Free Services by GrooveDigital [GrooveFunnels’ Parent Company]

Since GrooveFunnels is still developing and is backed by GrooveDigital, it offers some premium services to customers after registering for a free account.

Yes, you read that right. Premium services are offered on registering a free account. There is of course a cap on usage but still, the product is available.

I will go over these by one and provide relevant screenshots so that you can preview the UI.

1- GroovePages

It is a powerful ClickFunnel alternative since it also allows you to import pre-made templates from the library and extract its design to use for yourself.

Combined with GrooveFunnels this tool alone can help you boost your website.

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2- GrooveSell

This is the second free service offered to GrooveFunnel members, it is an easy-to-use Samkart’s alternative software used for creating e-commerce sites with checkout pages. It is on its way to becoming a focused product that is a powerful and user-friendly digital marketer solution.

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3- GrooveAffiliate 

Caters to all your product promotion needs by making sure users get easy access to affiliate promotional tools they need.

The best part about this service is the fact that you also get access to the Free marketplace, a unique platform for both advertisers and affiliates.

4- GrooveMail

An alternative to many personalized email services in the market like SendInBlue or ActiveCampaign and various other paid services.

GrooveMail allows you to make an email contact list of up to 500 people and a monthly limit of 5000 emails. At zero cost.

CEO Mike Filsame’s idea behind this project is not to make another autoresponder but to create a CRM solution for all his users.

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5- GrooveMember

As the name suggests this tool helps you build and manage a membership website, you get full control and flexibility over your membership sites to grow your member count on a professional scale.

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6- GrooveVideo

Is a full video hosting and analytics solution and allows you to do a lot of complex things without having to worry about technical details. From email marketing, funnels and sales pages, websites, webinar hosting to name a few.


7- GrooveKart

An e-commerce platform that covers everything you would expect of an online store, in a few clicks it posts your product, its images (if applicable), description, and reviews.

GrooveDigital believes in “more power to the user”, no additional or hidden charges for sellers on upsales.

Shown in the screenshot below.

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8- GrooveAutomations

Everyone deserves to work smarter and for that reason, GrooveDigital developed Automations by Groove it works simply like any other automation service you pick an action, and its trigger, for example- When someone registers on my website (trigger). Send them a welcome mail (action).

With Automations you can set it all up in a few clicks without any coding knowledge.

9- GrooveProof

A simple tool that notifies you of website visitors by giving a system-wide notification.

It is a free alternative to Provely, based on the idea of social influence, and works the same way too.

10- GrooveBlog

This one steals the show, same as WordPress but free, this tool is you all in one CMS and blogging solution. It simplifies the publishing process and helps achieve organic ranking in search.

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Scheduled for 2021 release :

11- GrooveDesk

12- GrooveCalenders

13- GrooveWebinars Live

14- GrooveWebinars Automated

15- GrooveStreaming

16- GrooveSurvey

17- GrooveQuiz

18- GrooveFunnelMapping

19- GroovePipe CRM

20- Groove SDK

I suggest you head over to their website right now to put their claims to test. (For free)

Is GrooveFunnels for you?

For Beginners-

GrooveFunnels can save you a lot of time and money since beginners hate to pay the recurring cost that comes with the maintenance of a website, especially if they are not turning much profit.

GrooveFunnels also give you a mix of 20 useful tools (that you would otherwise pay for, separately).

For Advanced Users-

People such as authors, speakers, e-commerce website owners, agency owners to name a few, are a little more naturally familiar with the art of content creation due to the nature of their profession and are mostly looking to dabble into monetizing their content or services.

With the combination of over 20 apps, you can do almost everything like funnel management, affiliate marketing, managing an e-commerce website, SEO, etc. 

GrooveFunnels Pricing

The pricing model is very interesting and unlike others, they provide a lifetime subscription in a one-shot payment of $1397 or a $497 for a 5 part installment deal, they also have a monthly basis subscription but that option is currently not available.


According to the official website, the lifetime membership offer will expire soon and all new users will have to pay every month to keep their website alive.

I think it is wise to pay for the lifetime membership if you are interested since a lot of apps are still in development and the package prices will go up once they are live.

GrooveDigital, in my opinion, has been very generous to allow people to try their services free of cost for a month and you should give it a try, even if you are skeptical about it at first and/or are already paying for these all these services.

Even after purchasing a plan, you are not locked to us, you will be backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, as long as you remember to cancel your subscription, of course.

43,112 members who gave it a try switched to GrooveFunnels in the last 30 days. 

Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels


  • You can create a lifetime account for FREE.
  • The first and most important benefit is that you get to try what you are buying which is a very rare thing even in the real world let alone the digital one.
  • No hidden cost or payment information is required to sign-up for a free plan.
  • Easy management and seamless integration of all the 20 services in a single dashboard.
  • User-Friendly UI that is very easy to understand and use even for a beginner.
  • Very polite and helpful and most importantly competent support executives, which goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship with customers.


A few apps are still in beta stage and hence a few bugs you may encounter sometimes.

Other than that, what can be the disadvantages of a service that gives you all the access you need for free for as long as you want to use it.

There are obviously some limitations, not in terms of quality but in terms of quantity, for example – a free user can send 5000 emails a month and can have only up to 500 contacts in their contact list. On the other hand, a premium user has no limitations of any sort.

So you still get all the 20 apps but each with its numerical limitation. 

GrooveFunnels Support

I believe that customer support is the backbone of any organization and plays an instrumental role in determining customer retention. 

Backed by GrooveDigital, the live chat support is available 24X7 365 days and is top-notch quality of professionals eager to help you with all your problems regarding everything Groove-related.

During my GrooveFunnels review, I presented a query to them when I was facing a problem while using GrooveKart and I was a little surprised when I did not get a reply even after 8-10 minutes, but as soon as the 10th minute struck, I received a response and the executive was very prompt in his replies and solved my issue within seconds.

I was on the chat with him for a good 10 minutes during which he explained to me everything there is to know about selling and buying on GrooveKart without any pauses or abrupt disconnection in-between.

Bear in mind that it may take a maximum of 30 minutes to connect to a support executive but once connected they immediately assist you in all your queries without any holds in between whatsoever.

Verdict: GrooveFunnels Review

It is important to note that GrooveFunnels is still in the development stages and this is the reason for the unmatched price to performance ratio they offer.

It is backed by huge organization GrooveDigital and money is surely not an issue for them, but rather this is their way of saying that they are grateful to the people that support them during beta stages.

I used all the 10 tools they had available for a free user and since the functionality of free and paid plan remains the same, I was able to fully analyze the usefulness of GrooveFunnels as it was the only thing that I needed open on my desktop and not 20 other tools for 20 other tasks which made my life that much easier.

GrooveFunnel Alternatives:

If you are still looking at GrooveFunnels alternatives, let me suggest some for you:

1- ClickFunnels

2- BuilderAll

3- Unbounce

4- SamCart

5- ThriveThemes

I will now get into the FAQs on GrooveFunnel.

FAQs on Review of GrooveFunnels

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

Yes, GrooveFunnels is offering a free subscription where you get all the basic features. You can sign up without a credit card.

What is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is one of the best alternatives to Samcart which helps you accept digital payments for all online sales. It also helps you create checkout pages for free.

What is Groove Digital?

Groove Digital is the founding company of popular Groove products like GrooveFunnels, GrooveSell, etc. All GrooveSell brands are managed by this company.

Is ClickFunnels Worth?

Yes, ClickFunnels is a great tool that is available for free as well as a lifetime deal. While all other tools require you to pay on a recurring basis, with ClickFunnels, you can get away with just a one-time payment of $1397. Moreover, you get access to over 20+ apps at just one single cost.

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